A financial wealth management plan helps you to decide what type of lifestyle you’d like to have, how much you need to save and how to manage your money after you stop working.

The sooner you begin planning, the easier it will be to put money ahead and worry behind:
- When do you plan to retire?
- What kind of retirement plans do you have?
- Do you control the asset allocation and investment decisions for your retirement assets? Who helps you?
- Do you think your current asset allocation matches your investment needs?


RRSP: Registered Retirement Saving Plan have various tax advantages compared to investing outside of tax preferred accounts


RRIF: Registered Retirement Income Fund is a tax-deferred retirement plan under Canadian tax law. Individuals use a RRIF to generate income from the savings accumulated under their Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)


Annuities: Instead of a single lump sum investment, an insurer makes guaranteed regular income payments to an investor that contains both interest and a return of principal. Annuity payments can continue for the lifetime of one or two people, or for a chosen period of time.


Pensions: A pension plan is a fixed sum to be paid regularly to a person usually after retirement.


Investment: Investment is putting money into an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation, dividends, and/or interest earning.

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